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MJD can provide affordable air conditioning inspections for businesses throughout the UK.

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The aim of the inspection

The primary aim of the inspection is to give the building owner’s/ operator’s information about the performance of their buildings and plant and to identify opportunities to save energy and cut operating costs.


Air conditioning inspections

Why are air conditioning inspections required?

Having your air conditioning systems inspected by an Accredited Energy Assessor is designed to improve the efficiency of the systems and reduce the overall energy consumption, operating costs and most importantly the Carbon Emissions.

Energy Performance Inspections by MJD will highlight any improvements that can be made to the operation of your existing systems or the opportunity to replace older, less efficient systems with modern high efficiency inverter systems.


energy performance certificate

When are air conditioning inspections required?

All air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12Kw must be regularly inspected by an Accredited Energy Assessor. The inspections can be a maximum of five years apart.

Scope of inspections covered by the EPB Regulations .Energy performance of buildings certificates and inspections, England and Wales Regulations 2007/991.

The regulations require the first inspection of the air conditioning systems to be carried out as follows:

For all systems put into operation on or after30th December 2008, the first inspection must have taken place within five years of the date when it was first put into action.

For other air conditioning systems, where the rated output is more than 250Kw the first inspection must happen by the 4th January 2010

For all other air conditioning system, where the rated output is not more than 250Kw, the first inspection must happen by the 4th January 2011


Systems requiring an air conditioning inspection

Only air conditioning systems with an effective rated output of more than 12Kw are affected by these regulations

The effective rated output is the maximum calorific output in Kw. This information will be stated by the manufacturer of the system and will be located on the systems internally and externally.

One or more air conditioning units within a building controlled by a single person are considered to be a single air conditioning system for the purposes of the regulations.

For the purposes of the regulations, a building is defined as a roofed construction, having walls, for which energy is to be used to maintain a comfortable climate.

An air conditioning system refers to any system which contains refrigerant gases and is used to provide cooling for the owners or occupants of the building.


What will MJD’s air conditioning inspection cover?green globe

From the moment we receive your enquiry you will be dealt with in a professional and courteous manner. Our well presented Assessors will attend site and record the following information



  • Details of the property and inspector
  • Details of the systems inspected
  • Details of the results of the inspection
  • Additional advice


All of our surveys will be carried out in accordance with the following governing bodies



CIBSE TM44 Guide to the inspection of air conditioning systems.


Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Centralised Systems– in which refrigeration equipment delivers cooling through air handling units, fan coils, induction units or passive chilled beams

Individual Split Systems in which single outdoor unit containing refrigerant and heat rejection equipment is connected to an individual indoor unit delivering cooling. These may also be called split package units

Multi-Split Systems in which one or more outdoor units containing refrigeration and heat rejection equipment are connected to a number of indoor units delivering cooling

Distributed Heat Pump Systems in which a series of individual reversible heat pumps in the treated spaces are linked by a common water circuit to a central boiler and to heat rejection plant. Such systems may be called Versatemp type systems

energy-assessments-officeOur Accredited Energy Assessors are well positioned to provide Energy Performance Certificates within Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, London and the Home Counties along with the rest of the UK.



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